Hi! I love designing stuff. The goal is to create something awesome and I don't care if it is done in 2D or 3D.


My work routine includes the creation and management of concept art, 3D art, the creation of guidelines and benchmark assets for video game projects as well as team guidance and supervision. I am familiar with tight deadlines and switching between different projects and art styles quickly.


Personally, I love storytelling and to explore new tools and techniques and apply them to my workflow. Also, I love anything industrial and developed a passion for photographing mines, factories and steel mills. Furthermore, I am a member of the Frankfurt train club where I repair and maintain an old steam train and take part on its tourist rides.


I have a bachelor's degree (B.Sc.) in Gamedesign and am currently working as an Art Director at Limbic Entertainment GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Feel free to contact me for further information.




Park Beyond

Theme park simulation (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S)

Limbic Entertainment GmbH

Art bible, concept art, 2D & 3D art, outsourcing



Tropico 6: Lobbyistico (DLC)

City builder / management simulation (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Limbic Entertainment GmbH

3D art



Tropico 6: Spitter (DLC)

City builder / management simulation (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Limbic Entertainment GmbH

3D art



Tropico 6: The Llama of Wall Street (DLC)

City builder / management simulation (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Limbic Entertainment GmbH

Concept art, 3D art, outsourcing



Tropico 6

City builder / management simulation (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Limbic Entertainment GmbH

Concept art, 3D art, outsourcing



Memories of Mars

Online survival game (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Limbic Entertainment GmbH

Concept art, illustrations, storyboard, 3D art, outsourcing



The Devil's Men

Adventure game (PC)

Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

Background illustrations, moodpaintings



Sky Sharks

Comedy horror movie

DigiTale Studios

Character concept art




Games Couch Conference

Talk: Beyond Storytelling


"Simon is easily one of the best artist I had the pleasure to work with. He draws from his wide visual knowledge and excellent research techniques to create great concepts in 3D or 2D alike. By that he has a significant impact on the visual design of our games. I know Simon as someone who constantly works on improving his skill set further and adapting new techniques to refine his workflow. His opinion is highly valued across all departments. During the past years I would always turn to him for honest and constructive feedback. Simon is a true team player and a fun guy to work with. I would be happy if we get to team up again in the future!"

- Janrike Berger, Lead Artist @Limbic Entertainment


"Simon is one of those rare artists who is not only highly disciplined and motivated, great with composition, style and color, but who also values and enjoys proper and solid research. During his internship he independently worked himself into the project, easily adapted to the game's style and quickly managed to create artworks with an accurate and creative eye for mood and detail."

- Kevin Mentz, Game & Narrative Designer @Daedalic


"Simon Klinz, ist ein verdammt talentierter Artist! Während seines Praktikums bei Daedalic hat er meine Erwartungen weit übertroffen, die ich von seinem Portfolio ausgehend hatte. Mit viel Kreativität, Liebe zum Detail, Recherche hat er sich alle gestellten Aufgaben zu Eigen gemacht und zügig und meisterlich abgeliefert.

Ich würde immer wieder sehr gerne mit ihm zusammenarbeiten!"

-Simone Grünewald, Art Director @Daedalic